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Hey everyone. Names Crazysnorlax and the pokemon VGC is all I do regarding pokemon. I've been playing since showdown 2k8. Got in Top 16 but lost so I didn't make it to Worlds. I've really into making new teams, and creating teams out of bits and pieces of teams I see who win a lot of matchs. I am currently making my team for the upcoming Newark, NJ tournament and still don't know who I am planning on using. I feel that mixing ideas with others is the only way to win. I hope we can be in contact about how your VGC experience was. Hope To Talk To Someone soon.


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May. 9th, 2010 06:01 pm (UTC)
Welcome! The VGC is my main metagame too. I just went to the Seattle qualifier, which I will be making a post about soon.

I'm still looking at going to Nationals, even though I didn't place this year. Newark looks to be packed though, thanks to Smogon. 6_9
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