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I've only just received my laptop back, clean of any viruses. As a result of the virus, I lost a bunch of anlysis' I had typed up for you guys, so I'll be working a bit over the next few days to re-do them. I still have two weeks of VGC to catch up on, and today's Dallas Tournament is still working it's way through the finals!

I've decided to simply link you to the Smogon page with the previous two weeks of Finals videos, as I've already announced the winners.

This year's current battle videos

Interesting pokemon from the last two qualifiers include Parasect and Persian, both utilized amazingly well by Smogonites looking to shake up the game. Parasect was used on a team leading with Breloom, and both were packing Spore to abuse the lack of sleep clause and 100% accuracy. Parasect is now famous for holding his own alone against a Kyogre and Palkia. Using the remains of Trick Room, Parasect was able to Spore both opponents and finish them off with Seed Bomb, putting his trainer into the finals.

Persian was used along a Weavile lead, and was packing nothing but support moves and Fake Out to give Weavile the chance to Substitute and Swords Dance. After one Swords dance, Weavile was able to sweep most teams fairly easily. Yet another unsuspected pokemon gathering wins for Smogon.

It was recently reported on Smogon that a team of Solrock, Tyranitar, Regirock, and Nidoqueen made the top 8. As of now we don't know the movesets, or who it was, but I'll update if I find anything interesting.

So good luck to those still playing in Dallas, Texas and Birmingham, UK!