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Great Job at Dallas to all who played!

Dallas was on fire yesterday as the newest VGC players came to battle it out and make it to the top. Again, Smogonites occupied most of the finalist lounge, even after last year's 12th place Worlds player, Alaka, was eliminated in round four. Not much is known about the finishing four, although some of them appeared later with Smogon accounts of their own (albeit only lurking and never posting before). The winning team was something we saw back in Seattle, the TopOgre lead followed by two backup pokemon that didn't see much use.

Arguments began about a lack of creativity involving the winning team, claiming it was just a copy of Zerowing's popular team that changed the VGC metagame at the first qualifier.

One thing they can't argue is a team that made it almost to the top that contained no ubers. The questionable team mentioned in the post below was actually a mono-rock team consisting of Solrock and Hippowdon leads backed up by Regirock and Tyranitar. I particularly like this team because of it's gimmicky leads- it depended entirely on the opponent not knowing what to do.

The basic concept was to get Trick Room off with Solrock and keep Hippowdon alive. Following that, Hippowdon (who also will always get his weather up) would use dig, while Solrock exploded. In comes Regirock, and before Hippowdon finished dig, Regirock under Trick Room with Macho Brace would throw in a second explosion. The strategy was apparently flawless most of the time, though a lot of luck would have had to be involved to survive something like Kyogre and Ludicolo with double targeting moves. So props to him for coming in with a risky team, and winning a place at nationals. I'll post videos of these battles if anyone would like to see them.

On the same day was the Birmingham qualifier, with the final four winning a direct trip to Worlds. Nothing much of note happened here that makes this qualifier stand out. A few people were dismissed for hacks, like at every other location. I think it was here that they found someone with 255 EVs in each stat, but I can't remember.

The final battle can be watched on your battle recorder:


As of now I haven't been able to find a high quality youtube video. The finalists were Kinneas from Smogon, and a fellow who goes by the name Rees (he lurks on Smogon, I assume). Yet another TopOgre combo makes it to the finals.

Pokemon usage of note include:

Hypno - very successful with it's ability.
Hitmontop - Though he is being used a lot now, he's still a unique player.
Hariyama - A great Fake Out lead that can work well in Trick Room.
Parasect - A small cluster of these appeared at both locations.
Of course, the entire mono-rock team.

So what's your opinion on the seemingly random pokemon floating about? Is it worth it to take the risk?

I'll see you next weekend with the results from Atlanta!