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After a lovely new member posted the results from Worlds, I'm now inclined to revive this community. I started it rather close (basically during) the qualifiers, and I ended up just not being able to do it all myself. But now I've got the time, and we've got a new generation on the horizon.

Worlds was truly an amazing event, complete with a traditional Hawaiian welcome along with bonding on an international level. It's really more than just playing pokemon and trying to win, it's about working together towards the same goal.

The greatest minds in Pokemon work together every year to create new and innovative teams and strategies, and we get to see only the best of the best on the big screen. No matter where you're from or what your age is, we're all one team. We learn from each other and we learn from the mistakes we make. Getting a bit dramatic for you? Go to Worlds next year.

Next year's World Finals are taking place in San Diego from the 12th-14th of August, as confirmed by the binders competitors received last weekend.

This is great, considering I can finally be there. It's a lot closer to home, that's for sure.

But will anything change? We have a new set of games coming out in March (presumably) and with them, a whole new array of abilities, pokemon, and even a brand new battle mode. Of course, I'm sure you've heard of 3vs3 battles from Serebii or Pokebeach already. Will they make the jump and use the new battle system? My guess is no. TPCI seems to have already found a stable set of rules that almost pleases everyone. I've spoken with them and I know their main concern is time (thus no singles) but I really doubt they'd cut it down even further into 3vs3 only.

What will the new generation bring? There is already an ability that can cure the status effect of your doubles partner confirmed, what else might pop up? There will really be no preparing for next year, since it's very unlikely that Smogon or Skarmbliss will have analyzed every single new pokemon before the first qualifier. I say Smogon and Skarmbliss because I think we're the ones everyone goes to, whether or not you're a member. We almost had a clean sweep of victories this year, and Smogon's very own Bluecookies (Ray) went home as the first ever American Pokemon Champion.

But enough of that and back to my question. What do you think next year will bring? Any rule changes you want to see? What do you think is most likely to happen? The lottery was fixed for this year, but are there any other improvements that almost must be made?

I'll be working on my own analysis of the next generation when I get back from Japan next month. Until then, keep battling and keep moving forward. We have less than a year until the first qualifier of 2011!