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Pokemon Video Game Championships!

Learn it. Play it. Win it.

Pokemon Video Game Championships
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Pokemon Video Game Championships
Pokemon VGC

Welcome to the Pokemon VGC community!
We are dedicated entirely to the yearly tournament that takes place across America, Japan, and Europe. This is the place for the info, for the team rating, the questions, and the coverage. To participate in this community, I ask that you please regard the following rules:

  • Please make intelligent and respectful posts. This is not the place for chatspeak.

  • When rating teams, elaborate on your suggestions, even if it seems obvious to you. Not everyone is familiar with the VGC!

  • Don't put people down for no reason. Unless they are trolls, then you may fight back.

  • Make sure you are familiar with the common terms before participating.(Ex. DDmence, T-tar, tank, OU, etc.)

Posting a RMT (Rate My Team)

  • Use the proper format, or slight variations of it. (Same as Smogon!)

    Pokemon (Nickname if desired) @ Item
    - move
    - move
    - move
    - move

    (Description of Pokemon here)

  • Make sure your descriptions are detailed and easy to understand.

  • If you can't take the criticism, don't ask for a rate. If your team sucks, we'll let you know.

Other Posts

  • You may post simple questions to receive simple answers, questions about specific pokemon and/or games, and anything regarding the VGC.

  • Please DO NOT advertise other communities, unless they are related directly to pokemon battling.

  • Feel free to begin an intelligent discussion, like what would happen should Trick Room act as a weather.

  • Do not ask "were can i find a waterston and when shud i evlove my evee". If you wouldn't do it on Smogon or Skarmbliss, don't do it here.

  • Talk about your experience at the VGC! Post Pictures! Tell a warstory! Did you run into that kid with the level 12 piplup? Did you roadtrip across America to get there? Tell us about yourself, give us an introduction!

  • When posting pictures, you may post one 500x500 picture on the front page; the rest must be under an LJ cut.

Contact a Mod!

  • okapifeathers is currently the only moderator. You can reach her through email at aryanawelch@yahoo.ca, Livejournal PMs, through Smogon PMs under the user Feathers, or follow her on Twitter under the user Okapifeathers.

Thank You!

Dat Zangoose